Rachel Ann Seghesio’s Ravioli Dough

Rachel Ann Seghesio’s Ravioli Dough
Recipe Date:
March 20, 2015
Cook Time:
Imperial (US)

Supper was never complete without handmade pasta on the table. With almost an infinite number of possibilities between pasta types and sauces, Rachel Ann had numerous recipes for handmade pasta.  This ravioli recipe is timeless.


(Yields about 100 raviolis)
Ravioli Dough
5 cups all purpose flour
6-7 large eggs

*These are the usual proportions although it could be a little more/less flour depending on the weather and location. To adapt to a smaller batch size, use 2 eggs per 1 ½ cups flour.


1. In a large bowl or a large flat surface, make a well with the flour.
2. Place the eggs in the middle of the flour. With a fork, begin to gently mix the eggs into the flour, incorporating the flour a little bit at a time.
3. Work the dough until it forms a tight ball. The dough should be just barely pliable. Let the dough rest at least 30 minutes, covered, before rolling.
4. On a lightly floured surface, either with a pasta roller or with a rolling pin, roll the dough out into a thin rectangular sheet.
5. Depending on your desired ravioli size, place the filling evenly on half of the sheet, about 1 t, 1 inch apart.
5. Fold the other half of the pasta sheet onto the side with the filling. With a knife, cut the ravioli. Pinch the sides to prevent the filling from leaking out.
6. Cook the raviolis in salted boiling water. Raviolis will cook in about 5 minutes.
7. Drain raviolis and serve on top of the Tomato Cream Sauce garnished with fresh grated cheese.